Solving a problem always starts
with a detailed understanding.

Full Project Development

We follow our projects closely
from start to finish and plan them in detail.

Long-term cooperation

We strive for long-term cooperation
with all our partners.

Financial transparency

We believe in accurate
and detailed accounting.

Modular Project

All our projects are unique,
with tailor-made solutions.

Full Confidentiality

Our customers' trust is one
of our top priorities.

HelloGreen's services

Our services are designed to provide a complex system with our solutions and the range of products available.  Our services can provide new or innovative ideas and approaches to solve the problems that need to be solved as efficiently as possible.

a fresh way of seeing

In business consulting, we provide expert advice and guidance to help organisations improve their operations, achieve their goals and solve complex business problems. Improve their energy systems and move towards greener operations.
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developing a new idea

Idea generation is simply about implementing different ways of exploring ideas and putting together solutions that solve the problem most effectively. All this while taking into account sustainability and economic considerations.
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international trade

In our international trade activities we are engaged in the purchase and sale of products and trade in energy and energy-related products. Our services are not restricted by national or geographical borders.
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Hello Trade

a new way of selling and buying products.....

If you need something or want to sell your product, we recommend Hello Trade as your newest service. Selling products exclusively in bulk, worldwide.