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Our Philosophy And Mission The development of tomorrow....

At HelloGreen, we offer key energy services and products that can deliver an economically sustainable green future. At HelloGreen, we believe in a zero-carbon future and are committed to making "The Green Planet" and "Zero CO2" a feasible concept. In order to make this plan a reality, we still have a number of challenges to overcome. First, to promote more efficient use of conventional fossil energy sources, and then to gradually replace these energy sources with environmentally friendly solutions and renewable energy production.

Our Skill

In our work we build on our professional knowledge and experience, but we are always looking for new things and solutions. We believe in constant learning and development.
Solar energy solutions86%
Waste management and processing58%
Product and Energy Trade91%
Consultancy and project management78%
Modular building51%
Development of innovation technologies82%
electromobility and charging33%

What We Do

The answer to this question is very simple. We are building a better world. More specifically, following the Hello Green concept, we design, develop and operate projects that are economically and energetically sustainable and viable. Because "Hello Green" is more than a set of consciously designed, sustainable products and services. It is a mindset and a system of action to achieve an economically sustainable green lifestyle.
We think in project terms, so we can divide a process into three parts. The first part is the preparation of the project design, where we assess your needs and propose solutions to achieve the desired goal. In the second part, we help you to source the necessary raw materials, market your product, develop your services, and procure and develop the necessary technology. In the third part, we implement and operate your energy / manufacturing project.
Our main motivation is your green success. Creating a sustainable, liveable world.
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“Tomorrow's innovation starts todays

I believe that today's improvements will make tomorrow better. Innovation is a big dose of creativity, hard work and humility. Combined with knowledge and experience. By bringing these qualities together, the Hello Green Foundation Inc. works to help create a more livable, sustainable world where everyone's knowledge is useful.

“Nothing in life is impossible”

I am determined to make the world a better place, and we can achieve this with honesty, love and precision. The Hello Green Foundation Inc. carries out its mission based on these values.  Let's be partners in making the world a better place.

Some photos from HelloGreen life

In the life of HelloGreen, there are events that mark milestones in our development and success, which are selected here.

Indonesian Government Investment

In Indonesia, several new projects have been launched in partnership with local governments and companies.

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Our partners come from all over the world and
representing a wide range of professional fields.
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