Modular Buildings

Modular Buildings

Waste management includes the processes and measures required for waste management from generation to final disposal. This includes the collection, transportation, treatment and disposal of waste, as well as the monitoring and regulation of the waste management process and waste-related laws, technologies and economic mechanisms. In the field of waste processing, we are working to return as much waste as possible to the supply chains, and to give non-recyclable waste a new life as energy without harmful substances.

Reducing waste and closing material loops helps minimise environmental impacts throughout the entire value chain of resources and products. They also offer significant economic opportunities. Circular economy strategies, including a wide range of recovery options, are estimated to enable $4.5 trillion in economic growth worldwide. The shift to a circular economy and increased material recovery also offer opportunities to mitigate climate change. The impact of the material cycle on greenhouse gas emissions depends to a large extent on the type of material to be recovered and the local conditions affecting energy compensation. Moving towards sustainable production and consumption patterns means improving the management and efficient use of materials and resources. This shift opens up new economic and environmental opportunities and a more sustainable and resilient economic future. Which also generates economic gains in terms of reduced material use and environmental damage.

Waste Disposal Methods

Possible waste disposal methods include recycling, composting, incineration, landfilling, bioremediation, waste-to-energy and waste minimisation. As for waste management, it is the measures utilized to manage waste in its entire life cycle, from waste generation to disposal or recovery. A variety of waste management strategies and methods are available. These strategies can be combined or rearranged to form a waste management system that suits an organisation. Modern waste management strategies focus on sustainability. Other alternatives to waste disposal are waste reduction and recycling.

Traditional solution:
This solution has many negative side effects, pollution, wastes materials and energy, and is costly. 

Recycling - Also known as physical recycling, recycling is ideal for the disposal of inorganic waste such as plastics, glass and metals. Although organic wastes such as paper and food can be recycled, composting would be a better waste management method as it converts organic waste into nutrient-rich fertiliser.

Waste-to-Energy, also known as WTE, is the conversion of non-recyclable waste into heat, electricity or fuel using renewable energy. It is a non-polluting process.



We offer advanced energy and waste solutions. Emission-free waste management and electricity generation.

HelloGreen offers a new waste processing technology and machines that process waste in a self-sustaining way. This allows 100% processing of waste, recovery and recycling of many raw materials and also allows energy production. All HelloGreen systems are CE certified. This means that even materials that are harmful to the environment can be recreated. Yard waste becomes a valuable source of raw materials and a truly greener future. In our modern world, our waste production is increasing day by day, old processing systems are not environmentally friendly and waste raw materials, energy and even have a significant negative impact on the environment. The time has come for waste management to adapt to new expectations. The solution: a safe, environmentally friendly alternative that actually pays for itself and generates benefits, raw materials and energy. 

Based on decades of research on its recycling technology, the development results in an innovative processing system that automatically separates, prepares for reuse, and converts the residual material into energy without any environmental impact. HelloGreen's technology is environmentally friendly thanks to its versatility and its ability to respond easily to customer needs. The input can be raw material from different types of waste (tyres, plastics, wood chips, biomass, sludge, contaminated soil). The end result of the processing can be coal or gas or electrical energy. The system offers a safe, efficient and environmentally friendly way to dispose of waste piles.

Our waste management system is based on the "know, understand, recycle" principle.

We have the right machines and know-how to process all types of waste, so whether it's municipal waste, e-waste or hazardous waste, processing is guaranteed. We can also be your partner in the design, construction and long-term operation of waste treatment systems, taking into account local and specific needs. We respond to specific needs with special know-how in the field of new installations and industrial renovations, both medium and large-scale.

HelloGreen is also steadfastly committed to researching and applying technologies that protect the environment and quality of life. We support this goal with a strong technical and financial commitment. HelloGreen's innovative products and services open a new chapter in waste recycling, disposal and power generation. A coordinated set of different systems and highly qualified staff ensure the ecological personal self-sustainability of the plants.
We provide tailor-made "integrated" advice, products and services to meet any "waste" related need. We can supply a wide range of waste treatment, recycling and power generation machines such as: shredders, grinders and mills to reduce and recycle waste.
HelloGreen also provides technical advice on waste treatment facilities, their management and profitability. It employs highly qualified staff, who are constantly up to date on environmental management, both operational and legal, who can easily solve any problem or suggest effective solutions. With our expertise, professionalism and wide range of products and services, we are able to meet the needs of any business, whether public or private. We see it as a challenge to solve specific needs, in complex situations where experience and creativity are required, regulations and unusual environments where not everyone is able to build plants with the necessary guarantees of quality, reliability and timeliness.
Engineering services
Our highly skilled technicians and engineers are constantly working to find innovative and efficient solutions to solve the most challenging situations and challenges. HelloGreen's engineering department is not only dedicated to studying the right solutions for our clients' needs, but also to further develop quality processes and technologies that have as one of their objectives the optimization of waste management, maximizing energy production and ensuring compliance with environmental regulations. Working closely with our customers and business partners, who always drive us towards greater commitment in design and the development of solutions and methodologies, is essential to achieving this goal.
Installation and Scheduled Maintenance
At the same time, we put a lot of effort into support, service and maintenance activities for our customers, and therefore for existing installations, all through an efficient system that allows us to deliver quality at reduced costs. In this respect, HelloGreen offers a planned maintenance and commissioning programme for the operation of the systems manufactured and installed.